Chateau Grief 239

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Chateau Grief 239

Kore: Hello General Grant.

Grant: Charming man, your Michael Barazzza. He shot out my tires.

Grant: I had to walk back and patch them. Just got home.

Grant: My usual tire-fixer was preoccupied and I couldn’t rouse him.

Kore: Well I paid for your absence tonight, that’s a fact.

Grant: It’s your own fault for hiring neanderthal thugs.

Kore: I hire them for their ability to communicate. It’s refreshing. Xander on the other hand, his psychic powers are so impressive that words often fail him.

Grant: He can hear you, you know.

Kore: You should take up smoking. Does wonders for your health. Five out of five doctors agree.

Grant: Criminy, he’s already driven me to drink.

Kore: It scrambles the way a mind sounds from the outside. Takes a while to adjust to the changes. Should give us about two minutes.

Kore: Ves didn’t hear the earlier compliment. I would have felt him react.

Grant: Yeah? I wouldn’t bet my life on it.

Author Notes:

Oh Grant you have such good instincts.  For Mid-Century Modern.  

characters: Kore, Grant, Xander

Episode recap:

The phone rings, Kore answers it, flexing a bit more of Xander-style power than she’s been doing in public recently.  It’s Grant, here to check in after his afternoon adventures with Kore’s goon squad.  Grant makes a dig at Xander for not fixing his tires and Kore follows it up with an another one.  Grant warns her that Xander could be listening in, and Kore spins up a yarn about how Xander can’t read the mind of a smoker for a few minutes, she hasn’t stopped fiddling with that unlit cigarette.  Grant instantly gets up to rummage his house for some smokes though, don’t need to tell him twice.  Xander settles in with another beer, after giving Kore a silent look of warning.  Perhaps he doesn’t know what she’s up to, perhaps he does. He’s going to play along.  Grant is in for it now.  However Grant expresses doubt at Kore’s lie.  Xander and Kore share a smirk at this.  No fooling Grant.