Chateau Grief 240

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Chateau Grief 240

Grant; So it’s ‘Ves’ now, is it? You must have paid a higher price than I thought.

Grant: He harped on me to quit years ago. These must be ancient. Awful. It was during now of his methodist fads.

Kore: Mike put the trail on Rafe Marozi, I take it?

Grant: Yes. I promised to hand him over so they can try him by ordeal.

Kore: I doubt he’ll go, but it’s worth a shot.

Xander: Thank you for that.

Kore: We both know who the real culprit behind my diamond leak is.

Kore: That’s the only reason I’m sticking around.

Grant: I don’t think Marozi will appreciate being used as bait.

Kore: Tough. Tough as calamari.

Grant: How are you going to get his royal highness to stop messing with your inventory? You know he’s just itching for you to ask him for a favor.

Grant: He’s angling to put you in some difficult situation where he can convince you he’s trustworthy, heroic. He’ll get under your skin, get close enough, then…

Grant: You’ll start to like him. And all the things he’s done in the past will be handily rationalized away.

Grant: Only it won’t be your choice. He’ll get close enough to change your mind without you knowing it’s happening. And then there will be more broken bones…

Grant: …and more slashed faces and crushed fingers. They trained us to look for signs of this in special ops. Women are extremely vulnerable to this kind of tactic, and don’t brush me off as sexist, because that’s a fact of life.

Kore: I see it. He spent the entire evening trying to execute a similar scheme.

Kore: Rhelan why do you give a damn?

Author Notes:

Smile you're on candid camera.

episode recap: 

Kore and Grant discuss their respective day on the phone.  Turns out Kore orchestrated a bit of a complicated scheme with the goon squad, and it’s playing out on the couch right now while Grant has no idea what’s happening.  She’s just taken a piece out of Xander’s biggest baddest slimiest enemy by pinning Xander’s own crimes on him.  Or that’s Xander’s perspective.  Grant sees her using the resistance leader as bait to entrap Xander into owning up to his own involvement and points out that every overture that she makes to Xander feeds into his plans.  Grant basically outlines the same scheme for generating obligation Mr. Darcy executed in Pride and Prejudice, but only if Darcy was also the bad guy simultaneously unleashing a horde of zombies on everyone.  Classic play.  Because Grant thinks Xander’s out to prove some point that he can abuse Kore more and more and she’ll just Stockholm syndrome for him harder and harder, which you have to admit: Grant has a point.  In fact, Grant suggests that Xander’s had military training on this specific tactic.  Look up Ravens if you have a strong stomach.  Kore knows she’s in deep waters, so she asks Grant for a performance.  She asks him to speak his heart, unknowingly delivering it straight to Xander, about why Grant would care that the telepath would wreck over someone random nobody’s life like Xander is doing to her.  Come on Grant, tell us what you really think.