Chateau Grief 248

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Chateau Grief 248

Narration(Xander): She’s holding it almost incorporeal, just a shimmer, a millimeter puncture…

Narration(Xander): …ready to turn it into a reality.

Xander: You can’t kill me like this.

Kore: It’s a sword. I’ve got it through both our hearts.

Kore: it’ll get both of us, or just me. It won’t matter when it’s done.

Xander: It’ll matter to me.

Xander: I won’t allow it.

Author Notes:

Isn’t it getting hot in here…

characters: Xander, Kore

episode recap: 

Kore’s just stabbed Xander in the heart.  She’s going to kill them both!  Ahahaha, yeah, right.  After realizing what happened, Xander informs her of the rules. Because there are rules on Eynhallow that have to be strictly followed, or more precisely there’s one rule, and that rule is ‘Ves Xander is more powerful than you’.   So after a brief scuffle, Kore engages in a *cough* another *cough* tactic *cough cough cough*.  So the real important question here I think is, do you put the ‘.’ Inside or outside the ‘*’?  Is it a parenthetical remark?  Is it like quotes?  No matter the situation, everyone on the internet agrees, grammar is of supreme importance.  Elements of style my friends.  <- See that’s not even a proper sentence.  I’m just making it worse, aren’t I?  Crap.