Chateau Grief 249

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Chateau Grief 249

Kore: This is what you want. I’m not here to ransom anyone’s life.

Kore: We both know better than that. Just kill me afterwards or kill me first. And if you won’t I’ll end it myself.

Kore: I shouldn’t have made it off the boat…and here’s your chance to fix a mistake. Take…the…damn…sword!

Kore: This is your last chance to set it right. I’ll take my chances in eternity rather than face you for another minute!

Kore: Staring into my mind!

Kore: Watching my every move to fill your lust!

Kore: So you’ve won! …because you must. But I will not give you victory.

Narration(Xander): Every wrinkle…

Narration(Xander): every sag of aged flesh…she’s laughing at me… the absurdity of me…faded tightly-whiteys and socks in bed…me…me the doom of the world, comically old, time ravaged me.

Author Notes:

Kore fight like girl.

characters: Xander, Kore

episode recap: 

So the slightly opened collar is all that Kore’s gonna do here m’lads.  As far as body shaming goes, she’s got her own *cough* serious hangups *cough*.   She makes certain horrible insinuations to Xander involving some whatchamacallit Freudian concepts of sex and death and then collapses in a fit of hysterical giggling.  Not what he’d bargained for, after a night of chugging the sauce and trying to fall asleep. Xander is, needless to say, mortified.