Chateau Grief 250

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Chateau Grief 250

Narration(Xander): Every absurdity of age…every patch of gray fuzz…

Narration(Xander): the paunch that doesn’t show when I wear a shirt…

Narration(Xander): all stings and spots and speckles…and fragility.

Narration(Xander): I didn’t feel her in this room. …even now her mind is utterly…


Kore: I won’t have to kill you.

Kore: I’ll just outlast you a year or two, you’re dying already.

Kore: Oh god, why you?

Kore: How will I live with myself?

Narration(Xander): Then something clicks.

Author Notes:

Dude that’s not a paunch. You’re so vain, I bet you think this comic’s about you. 

characters: Xander, Kore

episode recap: 

Yes we know, Xander is ridiculously insecure for the most talented, gifted, world-wrecking psychic alive.  And he’s obsessed with his mid-life crisis, despite the fact that he could be twenty again physically if he wanted to.  Which he’s done several times throughout the comic when it suits his wild caprice.  Kore’s playing this, she says he’s dying but Xander’s been suspecting that he’s immortal for a while now.  Well who said fear had to be rational, Xander buys it.  Kore says she’s resigned to his ‘be my queen of hell’ proposition, the works, but she’ll win in the end when he croaks of his embarrassing case of chest rug and ankle hair.  She’s got her mind under control just long enough to pull him in, but can’t hold it forever.  Xander figures out what’s going on, then crushes the sword she’s been suggesting he use for murder-suicide.  Oh yea, I just remembered I have, lol, supahpowahz.