Chateau Grief 251

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Chateau Grief 251

Xander: Don’t humiliate yourself.

Xander: I’ve got a fix on you now.

Xander: You did a great job of making it look real.

Xander: That was very cruel.

Kore: What makes you think it’s not true?

Kore: Take a close look at your life, Xander. And then tell me that I’m wrong.

Xander: I am. I can…see.

Xander: I know what you’re doing. It’s honorable in some twisted way and I wish I had your kind of willpower but…this is out way out…for both of us.

Xander: I’m a total mind-reader Kore, I can feel your pulse racing when you catch sight of me. You’re suppressing what you feel. Why do you have to suppress it?

Xander: You’re the one who’s blind.

Xander: Why do you demand pain for both of us? Why torture me for wanting you?

Xander: Our paths were meant to cross.

Xander: Neither of us can fight against the stuff that’s going to be. Destiny? Not even me.

Xander: You know why you’re here. You know I can’t let you go back. And most of all you know I’m doing the right thing.

Author Notes:

I think it's working Kore. He's still mad, don't wreck it.

characters: Xander, Kore

Episode Recap:  Well this is a big old telepathy fail for Kore. Xander’s too powerful to be deluded, and once he figures out what Kore’s doing it’s all over.  Oh he’s mad now though.  He grabs a sheet off the bed and makes it into a toga, and boom, Caesar’s back.  Kore doubles down on the Moses act, ‘let my people go’, and Xander almost walks away, but then thinks better of it and indicates that an alliance would free them both from the unknown-to-everyone-but-them horrible fates they’re both staring down.  Kore indicates a certain level of dubiousness.  Xander pulls the ‘it is your destiny’ card.  Then Xander indicates he has more secret knowledge like he usually does without revealing what it is.  Wretch.  Kore’s stuck on Eynhallow though apparently.