Chateau Grief 252

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Chateau Grief 252

Kore: Ves, do you realize…what you just said?

Xander: Don’t ever lie to me again.

Kore: Shane is having a seizure let me go.

Kore: Let me go.

Author Notes:

This is gonna be fun.

characters: Xander, Kore

Episode Recap: Xander’s hands are shaking, but it ain’t the old DT.  Maybe he’s thinking about twisting her head off, I know I am.  Kore asks him to reflect on his previous words, in which there’s hidden something she finds…amusing.  Instead, he issues a command to not lie to him again.  He’s serious about it, look for that to happen.  I guess this whole comic is the ‘be careful what you wish for’ type.  Well Xander’s shaking is getting worse, and he starts to keel forward a bit just as on of those candelabra crashes to the floor and lights the rug on fire.  By the time the wall cracks and shatters Kore’s steadying him by the elbow. He’s still standing though, in his scarlet toga.  Kore figures out that Shane is having a seizure.  She asks to be let go, and does it twice before running off to go…what, stop the world from collapsing?  I think it already did.