Chateau Grief 285

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Chateau Grief 285

Kore (thought): It’s him! It’s him!

Kore: Rafael?!

Narration (Kore): Xander is half a mile away.

Marozi: You’re on a hair trigger today. That went so much better the first time.

Kore: You really need to work on you ‘pretending to be human social skills’.

Marozi: Ack!

Marozi: Ack!

Kore: Oh come on! You’re not hurt. It’d take legions of enemies to hurt you and then only if your lord would permit it.

Kore: Or have I got you all wrong?

Marozi: Half wrong. Half right.

Marozi: A little more than legions don’t be insulting.

Marozi: You on the other hand are either spoiling for a fight or foolishly thinking you can do something to stop this riot.

Marozi: You’re interfering with my boy. He’s got it covered.

Kore: Your boy is out there publicly executing criminals. However much I agree with his strong sense of justice…

Kore: I don’t think it’s the best way to convince the crowd to stop eating each other. Or weren’t you aware of the cannibalism incident an hour ago.

Kore: Don’t worry, Ves stopped her before I got a chance too. Crazy lady bit a chunk out of her six-year-old nephew’s arm and ate it. What’s going to happen in another hour?

Kore: We’ve got to get a handle on this riot before they all kill each other.

Author Notes:

Xander asks for intervention and she's right there.  The implications are not lost on Marozi.

characters: Kore, Marozi

Episode Recap: 

Kore is being snagged out of her previous location by a hand that could be reasonably mistaken for Xander’s, but not by me, because I have to remember to paint on those darned freckles every single darned time. Anyways there’s a little bit of an altercation and it turns out that Marozi is trying to repeat his previous ‘lets chat in a dark alley’ thing with his favorite chat in a dark alley person.  Kore is recovering from the shock of moving so far so quickly, and also simultaneously whatever Xander’s doing at the shopping mall in the back of her mind. (One shudders to think)  Kore heals the nosebleed she gave Rafe when she socked him.  He hams it up a bit, but then Kore yells at him and attempts to call his bluff.  Marozi quits the camp and they have a some real talk time.  Kore is trying to convince him that the situation is serious.  Marozi is only interested in how the reaction will play out.  He doesn’t seem to be aware of everything that’s going on.