Chateau Grief 286

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Chateau Grief 286

Marozi: Sure the Resistance kids are a little…exuberant…they what?

Kore: I wonder what else you aren’t permitted to know.

Marozi: So you know what he’s doing? What he’s thinking, is that it?

Marozi: Where he is?

Kore: He made me a telepath! Now I can’t get him out of my head.

Marozi: How is this possible?

Kore: I thought you knew this already.

Marozi: Think harder Kore. Do you really buy that story?

Marozi: Given my presence here?

Marozi: You know enough to realize that it’s always been more complicated than that.

Marozi: I guess even I get my intel on a need to know basis.

Marozi: He didn’t make you a telepath. Someone else did.

Marozi: Not even just that…you hide it well, but someone made you a—

Kore: —don’t you dare—

Marozi: Ves knows?

Kore: —say that word!

Marozi: He knows.

Kore: He sent me to you to beg for his life.

Marozi: Kore. He’s not dragon. He’s one of us.

Author Notes:

And the dragon stood on the seashore, and I saw a beast rise up out of the sea. 

characters: Kore, Marozi

Episode Recap: 

Marozi is disturbingly fond of deserted alleys to wind his tentacles around in. erghm. Anyways, after Kore’s news of just what she and Xander have been tag-team dealing with on the low for the last couple hours, Marozi is somewhat puzzled.  He doesn’t want to believe it of his Resistance friends.  Kore makes the observation that he’s not exactly omniscient.  She’s gotta figure these things out now, and you know, compile statistics on who is, who isn’t that sort of thing.  Marozi picks up on the mind link, and seems to want to turn the knowledge to his advantage, or that’s what Kore thinks it looks like, but when she asks Marozi for clarification, he’s on an entirely different wavelength.  Marozi grabs Kore’s hand and provides a bit of a demonstration to her that she’s not really…analyzing the situation fully.  However he concedes that he doesn’t know everything, right before contradicting everything we know about the Xander/Kore relationship so far, and then calling Kore on keeping secrets.  Then they get down to sort of ‘brass tacks’. Kore lays it on the line, assuming that Marozi can just sort of cap Xander any time he chooses, & Marozi is like, ‘why would I do that to one of my employees?’