Chateau Grief 287

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Chateau Grief 287

Kore: One of ours?

Kore: Why would you tell me that?

Marozi: you have got to leave Eynhallow. And now that’s going to be very difficult.

Kore: Yes! That’s why you’re supposed to be helping me! Not telling me…that he’s….

Marozi: You’ve got to leave before you do any more damage! Look at what you’ve done to him already!

Marozi: Whatever you think you’re doing you can’t give in to his yearnings for you.

Marozi: He’s not meant for you. It will only weaken him.

Marozi: You will won’t you. I don’t have to worry about you.

Kore: Rafe, I’ll do anything. My life has been a nightmare. I’ll do anything to keep that away from him.

Marozi: You need to see this firsthand.

Marozi: Spies are listening to your mind. I shouldn’t even show you…but…

Marozi: We’re guarded here…for the most part.

Author Notes:

For the most part.

characters: Kore, Marozi

Episode Recap: 

Kore is somewhat discombobulated upon hearing the news that Marozi’s got plans for our lad, yeah buddy, plans. Marozi meanwhile is mad and recalculating his moves.  He’s promised to help Kore escape like days ago, with some ’expert assistance’ he told her that he’d provide.  But now there’s more to that than just her leaving and Kore still has no idea what he’s talking about.  Marozi’s certain about one thing though, it’s Kore’s fault, it’s all her fault.  Marozi wants to make sure that our favorite little ship….well sink the damn ship, that’s his plan.  He doesn’t ship it like fed ex.  Kore’s on board, and now he’s just got to get the other guy to sign on the dotted line.  Well he decides to take Kore into confidence.  And zippity boom, soon as you can say bob’s your uncle, we’re in a different world, looking at shapes that don’t make sense, surrounded by armies, looking out for spies, and going to take the plunge.