Chateau Grief 320

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Chateau Grief 320

Farook Qureshi: Esme!

Esme Jones: The books will be all right. Look at how our community has pulled together!

Narration(James Marozi/Rafael): It’s been ages since I’ve received instructions on what to do about Xander, and my prayers have continued to go unanswered through the entire riot.

Narration(Rafe): Xander could have easily destroyed them all today, thoughtlessly. He could have tricked Farook into consigning himself to eternal flame.

Narration(Rafe): Kore couldn’t be like that. She would have thought twice about her actions. It’s forbidden. It’s forbidden to the angels.

Narration(Rafe): Why then is it…everything… permitted for that infuriating man?

Jones: James, we’ve got to hold a meeting. We can’t just let him do this to us and not retaliate.

Jones: Excuse us.

Narration(Rafe): Never mind his pyrokinesis, what happens when he decides to turn Esme into a baboon, what then?

Rafe: It’ll generate a lot of publicity.

Rafe: We can double the discount on the Christmas sale! We’ll rake in cash in buckets!

Rafe: It’s a gift in disguise! We’ll probably break all sales records on Christmas now!

Author Notes:

and when you really think about it, shou sugi ban is super hot in the designer world right now too.

Episode Recap:

The aftermath of the fire continues. Esme is looking on the bright side and Marozi is looking on the Cthulhu side, like usual. Apparently Rafe is banking on Kore’s capacity for compassion and prudence, so we’ll see how that goes. Esme is rocking the pirate getup and she’s got a plan to revenge them all upon Xander, avast mateys and shiver me timbers. Marozi keeps trying to highlight the financial upside for Qureshi, who looks like he’s doing a bit better under the ministrations of his friends. So they start planning their Christmas sale, and it’s all good. Cough.