Chateau Grief 321

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Chateau Grief 321

Narration(Grant): I know I’m coming back to a disaster. Kore’s not going back to Eugene.

Narration(Grant): The people hate him enough to smash everything up.

Narration(Grant): And there was that moment when…as we were driving back from tucking Di into bed with a cup of tea…

Narration(Grant): …all the glass…

Narration(Grant): Her hiss of breath tells me everything…the solving of a billion shard puzzle all at once…showing her Eugene’s mind…

Narration(Grant): I feel embarrassed to be there when she discovers something so…intimate… about the man she…hated, was it?

Narration(Grant): Apathy left her eyes days ago. Eugene Xander demanded emotion. He would not be ignored.

Narration(Grant): No doubt about it.

Narration(Grant): I am coming back to an unmitigated disaster.

Narration(Grant): Which it is. But there are no bodies on the floor.

Narration(Grant): No blood on the walls.

Narration(Grant): I haven’t seen him do that for forty years.

Narration(Grant): Caught up in the magic of finding out you weren’t the only Peter Pan.

Author Notes:

what's under the main dome, everyone asks me, and after I thought about it the answer was obvious: an art gallery.

Episode Recap:

I don’t really know how Grant fits in cars at all actually. He’s seven foot tall. I don’t know how anyone that size fits in cars. I sure see a lot of guys ducking under doorways up here in the mountains though. They manage. So the mob has made a mess, as they do. Grant has dealt with both Di and Kore by stuffing them into various hovels around town, including his own. Kore’s impressed by Xander’s wads of psychic power, which Grant isn’t, due to experience. Grant notes it and worries that she’s getting sucked into all this flash and glamour. Grant walks in and all the servants are running around with boxes and stuff. They’re catching pillows thrown from on high, you might say. Xander is puttering around the ceiling, which I had great fun live blogging the creation of a couple weeks ago on Chateau Grief’s DISCORD where you should join by clicking the link. Anyways Grant doesn’t like what he sees. First Kore’s losing her head and now Xander’s absolutely rekt. It bodes ill. Grant will fix it. Grant will fix it all.