Chateau Grief 322

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Chateau Grief 322

Grant: Eugene…

Grant: Come down for a second. I have to talk to you about something.

Xander: Is Kore settling in? What did she say when she saw her new house? Don’t bother don’t bother, I know she’s staying with you.

Xander: I do appreciate you being willing to let her in your home, very decent of you. But what horrible taste you have in furniture!

Xander: I was so afraid she’d leave today after what happened!

Xander: Do you think it would be terribly unsubtle of me to replace your curtains?

Xander: If you only knew how she despises paisley. She’s staying! I have to know everything!

Xander: Please tell me how she felt.

Xander: These wall sconces, should I get rid of them?

Grant: She was thrilled. Please come down for a moment. It’s important.

Xander: Did she smile? Say she smiled.

Grant: She smiled.

Xander: Like a sunbeam.

Grant: Just what I was going to say. Right before I bring you back to earth for just a minute.

Xander: Oh I’m higher than a kite, no chance of that.

Swordfish: I get overtime for this or we are done.

Grant: !@#$% you and @#$% your mother, Frank.

Xander: Rhelan!

Xander: Ugh! Incorrigible.

Narration(Grant): It’s always like walking a fine line with Xander. Appease him just enough that he’d listen to you when it counted.

Narration(Grant): Now it counted.

Narration(Grant): I don’t know how much, because if my suspicions are correct…Shane is already dead.

Author Notes:

Grant I hope you brought a grappling hook.

Episode Recap: 

Grant is trying to talk sense into Xander, but his head is in the clouds man, his head is in the clouds.  His brains are rattling around inside his noggin as he’s swooping around upside down.  He asks about Kore, because Grant took her back to his house to make him marinara sauce, remember?  So Xander is not a fan of mid-century modern, obviously and is trying to push some of his own stylistic choices on Grant’s decor.  All while looking rather skeletal and completely bonkers.  He asks Grant for information only a telepath would know, he fixates on Kore smiling because he’s gotta be aware that he’s only made her unhappy.  It could be shrooms.  Or he could be manic depressive.  Needless to say, Frank the butler is unhappy with these latest developments in what is inarguably a hostile work environment, and he has a brief business meeting with Grant about it.  Xander is scandalized by Rhelan’s French, but goes off to buzz around the light fixtures some more.  Then we finally get why Grant is here.  He’s come to settle up