Chateau Grief 323

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Chateau Grief 323

Grant: Eugene…there are seven bodies in the basement. What do you want to do with them?

Xander: Bury them, burn them, honestly, do you have to ask?

Grant: Did you punish Shane?

Narration(Grant): After the words leave my mouth I realize I might not be ready for the answer.

Xander: I don’t remember.

Xander: It happened so fast.

Grant: Did you kill him?

Xander: Oh I don’t know, probably.

Xander: I didn’t go back to check. I was too busy saving Kore from a rampaging mob.

Author Notes:

Well we're gonna check, Eugene, we always go back to check.  

Episode Recap:

Xander is cavorting around that …awesome gold leaf multicolor inlaid-with-jewels ceiling *cough* if I do say so myself… and Grant is being a Kill Joy. He is killing everyone’s joy. He reminds Xander that the death count this morning has been significantly higher than all of previous Chateau Grief put together. And who has to clean up the corpses? That’s right. They don’t have lackeys for this at Xander’s palace, these guys are hands on. Grant’s still trying to figure out if Shane is dead/alive/punished and Xander is literally toying with him. It’s not like Xander couldn’t just sense him and then give the straightforward answer. No. Of course no. Xander’s mad that Grant would insinuate that he’s an evil villain and so he retaliates by…you know, playing up his teeth and freak eyes and looking like an evil villain. That’ll show him, Ves, just keep it up.