Chateau Grief 324

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Chateau Grief 324

Grant (thought): I certainly saw how you went about it, idiot. If Kore hadn’t been a telepath it would have been bad.

Xander: Oh but that’s the beauty of it Rhelan, she is. You wouldn’t deny me my one chance at happiness would you?

Grant: How did you kill him?

Xander: He didn’t die when I was there! What do you think I am, a heartless maniac?!

Grant: Yes! Unless you take me to the body immediately!

Xander: You really want to go look at bodies on a night like this? That’s sick. That’s absolutely macabre.

Xander: Come on, let’s go get flashlights. It’s in the garden.

Narration(Grant): I can’t believe this has come to be my daily existence. That after a few years he starts to sound normal.

Narration(Grant): I was picked because I could theoretically keep my head in his presence.

Narration(Grant): And I’ll get up tomorrow and have to listen to Eugene that day too.

Author Notes:

Look on the bright side Grant, you could die in your sleep of a heart attack before your alarm clock goes off tomorrow.

Episode Recap: 

Yeah I know these last few have been pretty short.  I’m sorry.   Anyways, Grant is thinking thoughts about Xander, knowing he’ll be heard of course.  Xander’s mind is on Kore like a fly on ointment.  Grant is disturbed by this, but knows Xander won’t listen to him because…well yeah, Grant would absolutely deny him that one chance of happiness.  Maybe Xander feels like he’s right too.  Oh well, damn the torpedos full steam ahead.  Grant asks how Xander killed Shane.  Xander takes offense at the assumption that he outright murdered the man.  Xander finally gives in and says he’ll take Grant to the body.  You all should be worried about why he’s dragging his feet like this.  Grant, unsuspecting, gripes about Xander some more.