Chateau Grief 329

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Chateau Grief 329

Xander: What made you swear fealty to her? What made you try again and again?

Shane: They told me to stand down. Stand down. And I did.

Shane: I didn’t know.

Narration(Xander): I see a terrific argument between him and Georg von Wittelsbach.

Narration(Xander): Shane lost.

Narration(Xander): Still his recall of Kore’s scars eludes me. Has he seen? Touched them? Knows why? Yes.

Narration(Xander): He has.

Shane: When it just went on and on…I went and I got her back. I got her back.

Shane: She’s ok now.

Xander: Her father told you not to rescue her. So you stood back and let her be tortured fo rate ritual, right?

Shane: Where is she?

Xander: Shh, safe.

Shane: Safe!

Xander: Your Kore’s heart isn’t so dead as you once imagined. Just cold as a barren wilderness and ready to let an honest man like you suffer for it.

Xander: You don’t understand. I hardly understand myself.

Xander: Come with me, Shane.

Author Notes:

something wicked this way comes

Episode Recap:
Xander is asking Shane why he’s still on team Kore after she’s made it clear she’s emotionally unavailable. Turns out Shane feels guilty over their history together. I don’t know why, he’s the only one standing up to her father at this point. That’s a sweet room in Peles Castle in Romania btw. I found the ceiling pattern sufficiently symbolic to steal it for Eynhallow. Too bad we’re still in sepia-toned-Shane-world because it’s really pretty gilded and everything. Anyways. Xander is looking for info on what exactly happened to Kore, how Shane was a part of this. He’s got enough to know that Shane has a pretty intimate relationship with Kore, of some unspecified nature, but he’s not getting much detail out of him. Shane is coherent enough to volunteer that he was the person who rescued Kore. He’s pretty emotionally invested in this action too. Xander restates what he knows so far, there was a conspiracy, it was family related, Shane was tricked into inaction, Kore was tortured, and it had to do with black magic. Shane starts sliding back into incoherence at this. Xander tells him that he’s actually shipping Kore and Shane thank you very much, and hints that he intends to exact revenge on Kore for Shane’s unrequited loyalty. But Xander is also not working with much info here, and he’s kinda going ‘ok, we’ll just wing this let’s head down the rabbit hole should be fine’. Xander-world is not sepia toned. In fact it more involves iridescent firestones, much the worse for him.