Chateau Grief 330

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Chateau Grief 330

Xander: Come with me, Shane.

Xander: Don’t think, it tires you so.

Xander: Rest here a while under the trees.

Xander (telepathy): Go on, go crazy. It’s a short drive.

Xander: It’s a comfort some part of me will…live on…after this is all over.

Xander: After the eagles get their share.

Grant: Eugene!

Xander: What?

Grant: Eugene!

Narration (Xander): He’s still ready to seizure if I’m not careful.

Narration (Xander): His sanity is gone.

Narration (Xander): But I have within me…legion. Enough for two.

Narration (Xander): So I give a piece of myself away.

Narration (Xander): It doesn’t hurt.

Author Notes:

Let's take a lil trip.

Episode Recap.

Ok, well, this is actually pretty simple really. Xander is dragging Shane into his own special little psychedelic world. A prison? Well, more than Eynhallow already is? Maybe. A trap? Oh yes, definitely. Anyways, both Shane and Xander are starting to lose themselves here. Grant is not happy, but he doesn’t get to launch into his diatribe until next week, so Xander gets a break week. In case anyone from the Webtoons Staff asks about all that red paint on the ground, remember back in chapter 2 where Eynhallow Palaces’s Wednesday art class went wrong and a garden gnome anklebited Esme Jones while she was carrying a large bucket of paint precariously balanced on her head? Good times, good times.