Chateau Grief 331

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Chateau Grief 331

Grant: What a way to kill him!

Grant: Why, Eugene?! Why?

Grant: If you only could see your face! If you weren’t a damned soul before you are now.

Xander: You always think the worst of me, Rhelan.

Xander: If you weren’t so concerned with putting on a self-absorbed show…blubbering in the grass…you might not be so ignorant.

Grant: You know I couldn’t look at him! See him messed up! Watch you kill him!

Grant: Kore would see it! Then where would you be?

Grant: Damn you telepath!~ What do I care what your whore sees through my eyes!

Xander: I won’t even dignify that with a response. Get the door for me, will you?

Author Notes:

Make yourself useful Grant you pig. 

Episode Recap:

So Xander is um…chilly because he again forgot his jacket and he’s like, oh hey Shane, that was one wild art class wasn’t it, I can see why you’re exhaustedly taking a nap in the spilled paint, fortunately it dried hours ago so you don’t have any on your shirt.  Xander then does a little self check, maybe a wellness exercise or so, fortunately his wishing star has got his back.  Grant is standing there, under the erroneous impression that Shane is dead, which honestly Grant, why would Xander go through all that trouble to heal his arm if he was just going to kill him later?   Anyways, Grant is overwrought. Xander points out that ya gotta give him some crrrrredit sometimes for some things.  So Xander then picks up Shane to go take him inside, and Grant explains that he was trying not to peek so he won’t have to answer any uncomfortable questions from his dinner date later.  Xander is out of comebacks and asks Grant to get the door for him.