Chateau Grief 332

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Chateau Grief 332

Xander: I won’t even dignify that with a response. Get the door for me, will you?

Grant: Like hell I will!

Xander: And will you stop swearing like a sailor! It’s terribly lower class.

Xander: You know how it disappoints me.

Grant: What are you doing?!

Xander: What does it look like? I’m putting him to bed.

Xander: Why don’t you go bury the people he killed last night. I’ll tuck him in…

Xander: …and try to keep him from killing anyone else tonight.

Xander: We can take it in shifts.

Grant: Just heal him, Eugene! Send them both home!

Grant: What do I tell her Eugene?!

Xander: That I’ll send her things over tomorrow.

Author Notes:

Grant spent all afternoon waxing that floor. 

Episode Recap:

Grant is still hopping mad, Xander just wants everyone to use their indoor voices and more than 7 words and he goes inside with Shane to get him back to where he belongs.  Grant has literally no idea what’s going on and can’t figure it out.  He just keeps yelling.  Xander makes a few snide comments about having to do everything all by himself, but again, this all goes way over Grant’s head. I don’t know if Grant is contributing anything at this point so I won’t comment on his dialogue. Anyways, Xander trips and dumps Shane on the excessively shiny floor.  But he gets back up again and continues marching Shane back to bed.