Chateau Grief 333

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Chateau Grief 333

Kore: Everything under control?

Grant: Now it is. Good thing I went back.

Grant: Want one?

Kore: And Shane?

Grant: He’s ok. I left Eugene watching over him so he wouldn’t have another seizure.

Kore: He can prevent it?

Grant (thought): he can do anything he wants. That’s how it works. Both of you telepaths.

Grant: Why don’t you just heal Shane? Then you can leave and get back to your life. We don’t need two telepaths here.

Grant: One is more than enough.

Kore: If only I knew how.

Grant: So wish for the knowledge.

Author Notes:

Grant may have his moments, but he does manage to ask the pertinent question now and again. 

Episode Recap:

Well Grant gets home from work for the day…like everyone feels like this when workday is over right?  Back at his sweet little midcentury modern pad that is entirely different from Xander’s neoclassical monstrosities and Kore’s waiting for him with the roast in the oven and everything.  So he takes off his suit jacket and tie, like you do. And Kore asks him ‘How was your day dear,’ which haha, Grant is nowhere near ready to answer that.  But who ever is?  Kore asks about Shane, Grant tells her the facts.  And just the facts.  Kore wasn’t aware that Xander could have just quashed Shane’s earthquake, you remember, the night he walked out on her without lifting a finger to help.  I don’t know, maybe Xander could have handled that, maybe not.  He preferred to let Kore do it.  Whatever reason.  Anyways, Xander’s on duty tonight so it’s his show.   Grant starts wondering about stuff.  Why doesn’t Kore use her new superpowers to…you know…actually do some super powering around this island?  And then leave.  Primarily Grant would like for life to go back to the way it was before.  Kore says that she doesn’t have the faintest idea how to use her powers because, like, we haven’t had a training montage yet, amirite?  Grant figures that telepathy works like a genie in a lamp and says so.  Xander is not here to inject any factual information into this conversation so who is right will have to remain unanswered.   In any case, Grant came home mad from work, as you do, as you do.