Chateau Grief 334

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Chateau Grief 334

Kore: Why don’t I heal Thanos Shane?

Grant: You see? I knew it.

Grant: You like him.

Grant: He’s charming and funny and handsome and you’re hooked.

Grant: He hurts you and you’re a woman and you take it and believe in him anyways.

Kore: Don’t talk like that!

Grant: But you’re not denying it. You like him.

Kore: You’re jealous?

Kore: Rhelan listen up because I’m only going to say this once— I’ve been through more than my share of betrayal by people I loved.

Kore: And I have never once brushed it off. I don’t forgive.

Kore: I never forget.

Kore: Ves Xander is no exception.

Grant: Prove it.

Author Notes:

Oh you're a fine pair, you two, you really are.  What's sauce for the goose is sauce for the gander. 

Episode Recap:

Kore’s like, ‘wut I have superpowers?’ but Grant, feeling spry, is mostly interested in why she’s not getting the heck out of dodge fast enough.  I mean, look at him jump that countertop, if she had half his kind of gumption she’d be long gone cross them distant mountains by now yessiree bob.  Anyways, Grant points out that Xander is in fact, not entirely hateable, some of the time.  And Kore, has only to pull out the ‘tu quoque’ before Grant reconsiders voicing his rage and goes outside to drink his beer calmly like a gentleman until dinner is ready.  Kore has not thought of herself as a homewrecker before, so armed with this new angle, she goes to spin another story for Grant’s benefit.  She claims that her insatiable bloodlust for revenge will keep her from succumbing to Xander’s tender advances, and Grant is…dubious. About a lot of things.