Chateau Grief 335

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Chateau Grief 335

Kore: Prove it?

Grant: Every moment of your life has led you here to the precipice. Your ritual sacrifice to the new god. You don’t have the strength to run away.

Grant: And because of you we’ll watch the wandering gods torn from space again. The old age destroyed. And a new sun rise. Summoned by the writings on the emerald that fell from Venus, the shattered smaragdine.

Kore: look, I didn’t lie to you about my scars, it took days for my memories to come back. I’ll tell you the same story I told Ves. I was kidnapped by a sect that wanted my father to fund a military coup.

Kore: He refused, I got out on my own. They thought I was too drugged.

Kore: But never underestimate a socialite’s capacity for opioids.

Kore: I got out of the chains. I found a knife…

Narration(Kore): As if all that mattered was my determination. As if I’d come to my senses amidst the carnage and dropped to my knees with a wail of non-specific regret.

Grant: You killed your captors?

Kore: Yes.

Narration(Kore): Is he buying it? Probably.

Narration(Kore): I raise a silent salute to the man whose downfall I’m currently orchestrating.

Narration(Kore): I could kiss him if he had warts on his nose instead of that electric smile. If he was a hundred and twenty instead of sixty.

Narration(Kore): Ves Xander gave me power. And for the first time, I’m truly free. Free to tell him no.

Narration(Kore): Because if there’s one thing I know from the driveling of the sibyls…I was never supposed to have the power to tell him no.

Narration(Kore): I don’t have to prove anything.

Author Notes:

except....can ya cook?  

Episode Recap:

So Grant has asked Kore to prove that she’s not head over heels for Xander, which, like, she obviously can’t because she totally is.  Cue those greek ladies song from Hercules.  Grant just sees domestic violence.  Domestic violence in the making, and can anyone blame him?  Anyways, he does some blathering and I really really have no idea what he’s talking about.  Put a duck on my head and call me a petroglyph. Kore protests that she’s not like, you know, the blonde virgin sacrifice to King Kong or anything, it was just a run of the mill…uh…politically motivated kidnapping…where she was saved by her…dissolute childhood vices.  As if, as she says.  But she’s giving Grant a particular impression and facts are not getting in the way of this story.  Kore toasts Xander, mocking the fact that she’s lying through her teeth to Grant for her own ends and Ves is just standing back and letting it happen.  Perhaps Ves takes non-intervention a bit too far.  Grant thinks that’s his entire problem, not being hands-on enough.  Anyways.  Kore is absolutely smitten with Ves, but none of that matters to her because she’s stubborn, do you hear, stubborn as mule!  She will cut off her nose to spite her face.  She will torch the library of Alexandria and march elephants across the Alps.  She will stick a stick in her bicycle spokes if need be.  She’s just a mean stubborn old spinster full of piss and vinegar, which is exactly how she likes it. Pay no attention to the python behind the curtain.