Chateau Grief 336

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Chateau Grief 336

Grant: He’s not a bad man, Kore. Not all the time.

Grant: He’s been hurt too. Endlessly.

Grant: I can’t imagine. Maybe you can break through to him.

Grant: I’ve never had hope that anyone could survive what Eugene’s been through and come out human on the other side.

Grant: But here you are.

Grant: You’re a lot like him, you know.

Kore: Don’t martyr me, Rhelan. You wouldn’t like me if you knew what I did for my freedom.

Kore: What I’m still willing to do.

Kore: I won’t go back into a cage, and this island is too small for me.

Kore: Rhelan, you are the only thing he cares about, the only hold I have over him.

Kore: When the time comes, if he doesn’t let me and Shane go…

Kore: I’ll kill you to get to him. It’s the only way.

Kore: No hard feelings.

Grant: Whatever you do to me, it’s long overdue. If it takes killing me, so be it.

Grant: I’m tired of life anyways.

Author Notes:

Kore may be able to cook, but her dinner conversational skills were obviously acquired in prison.  

Episode Recap:

So apparently dinner was edible but Kore’s table manners leave…something to be desired. Grant starts in talking about how he’s feeling guilty about badmouthing Xander all the time. He hopes that Kore will be able to do the thing he’s been unable to all these years: convert Xander into that superhero superman that he’s always wanted arbitrating the goings on of metropolis with justice and wisdom. Kore sees some visions of things I’m not going to explain. She tells Grant that he doesn’t know her at all, and that she’s not a hero like he thinks. Then she demonstrates this by casually threatening to kill him over dinner. Over dinner! So that she could make Xander hurt about something. Good thing Xander doesn’t have a puppy or she’d threaten to murder his puppy too. Grant looks like he’s been expecting some form of this and is completely placid. Well, two reasons, he doesn’t exactly take Kore seriously, and well, he’s got friends in high places. Anyways, Xander is above all this nonsense, and is busy trying to put Shane to sleep. He is busy. Too busy for shenanigans you silly mortals.