Chateau Grief 337

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Chateau Grief 337

Grant: I had a hard day.

Grant: This isn’t my last one either.

Kore: Tell me what happened to Shane tonight.

Grant: Don’t blame me. I tried not to look so you wouldn’t get nightmares.

Kore: You tried not to look so I wouldn’t get nightmares. Grant you’ve been shifty ever since you got back.

Grant: If you can’t read it from my mind, that’s a good thing.

Kore: I don’t intend to go around intruding into people’s minds to get the information I want.

Kore: It’s a lot easier to ask unless you want me to go tearing your skull to pieces.

Grant: You know, Xander has never said anything like that. Not once.

Kore: Just tell me.

Author Notes:

well... it involved barbecue.... and power tools.

Episode Recap:

Thank goodness the awkward dinner is over, but now Grant is hauling six packs out o the fridge while Kore’s washing up, and no one’s settled anything really.  Grant doesn’t intend to face up to anything soon, or at least tonight.  Kore knows he was going back to help Shane and asks him how it went.  Grant isn’t good at breaking the news well, and he doesn’t know where to begin either so a little deflection that backfires and now Kore’s really worried.  Grant just wants to keep his thoughts private, and Kore assures him that she has no interest in becoming intimately acquainted with his peculiar mind and wants the cliff’s notes version instead.  Grant is mostly thinking of someone whose name starts with a ‘V’ and ends with mud, but he tries to figure out how he’s going to recount the evening’s activities.  And Kore’s getting more and more worried by the moment.