Chateau Grief 338

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Chateau Grief 338

Grant: Xander must have found out about the riot when Shane was around. He got excited and scraped him up a bit when he went to track you down.

Grant: Tonight I convinced him to fix him back up with telepathy and Shane is as good as new. I don’t think he’s any better in his mind. And Eugene still refuses to help him.

Kore: Shane…hurt…

Kore: He’s ok now?

Grant: Yeah.

Grant: All tuckered out but ok. Eugene said he was using telepathy consciously.

Grant: I think he never thought it possible.

Kore: So no more locked in the pantry.

Grant: No more pantry.

Grant: Eugene treated him like a son.

Grant: Maybe in time I’ll start to believe he’ll really let you both go.

Narration (Kore): It should be a relief. But my heart sinks down…down…

Narration (Kore): Ironically that glimpse of real pain does more for my schemes…than all my posturing and plotting.

Narration(Kore): I wish my manipulations could be entirely an act. It would be kinder if it was an act.

Narration(Kore): I am, after all, going to kill this man.

Author Notes:

Kore isn't ready to hear what her friend paid for her little jaunt out in public this afternoon.

Episode Recap: ugh I have to write the episode recap after that wild rabbit hole diving down connecting Mt. Shasta and the Shasta Indians with the Indian Indians and Lord Shasta and how Sanskrit is English and Shambala is real? Go look it up on my deviantart landscape paintings. Lake Shasta. Wild ride. Meanwhile on Eynhallow everything is stagnant. Grants jacuzzi is stagnant, everyone’s just sitting around. The atmosphere is turning weird purple colors, Grant explains in the nicest way possible that all the previous damage dealt to Shane that day has been happily smoothed under the rug, to be forgotten, and irrelevant, because Xander can do those sorts of things with impunity. Kore looks like she’s got the thousand yard stare actually. She’s trying to keep up, stay ahead, stay in the game, but she’s breaking and quickly. Bad things happened and not only did she not stop it, there wasn’t a thing she could do about it, she didn’t know about it, it was too fast. She got left behind. Should bring back nice memories of being you know, kidnapped and tortured, for her, right Ves? Wanted to break her down this way as punishment for…well haha, humoring Di’s ridiculous political nonsense, dragging Di into this, becoming the Satanist’s political candidate for replacing him as Evil Overlord, causing riots in the streets over the political instability, breaking up bible studies with that long hair stunt. Now she’s threatening to kill Grant constantly. Where are you going with this Ves? This will all end in tears. No, GRIEF! this will all end in grief!