Chateau Grief 340

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Chateau Grief 340

Xander: Don’t tell me you know it?

Kore: Chopin. I haven’t heard this nocturne in years.

Shane: Goodnight Kore.

Kore: Thanos!

Xander: Shh…I took a chance like I never imagined tonight.

Xander: I hope…

Xander: I hope you’ll forgive me when you see how it’s worked.

Xander: I think he’s going to be all right.

Author Notes:

nighty night then.

Episode Recap:

I don’t know if you’ve ever slept in a room with a broken window before in the middle of winter, but Kore has just ruined her night.  She’s staring at the wind blowing through the pane of glass.  Yep she’s screwed.  Xander is of course, noticing everything.  Turns out he’s lullaby-ing Shane to sleep, having failed at whatever he was trying to do earlier to get the guy to stay in bed and not seizure the palace to pieces.   Well it’s working, and not only that Kore wins the Chateau Grief Music Prize by identifying what Xander’s playing.  I dare you.  I double dare you.  She’s surprised to find Shane recognizing her and able to speak.  She hasn’t seen him this lucid yet.  The last time he popped out of his shell, she was distracted with Di getting burned at the stake, and when Xander subsequently practiced his dart throwing technique on him, Shane ceased to be in the talkative mood.  Anyways, Xander is of course, entirely pleased with whatever thing he did to Shane earlier, and hopes it gives him points in the Kore department.  Because he totally would, you know he would.  Then Xander declares that he thinks Shane’s going to be just fine, a-ok, righty ho.   Like that wouldn’t complicate his life at all.  No, there’s no reason for alarm.  Would he lie to you, Kore?