Chateau Grief 341

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Chateau Grief 341

Marozi: Where are we going?

Narration(Grant): There seems to be more density to this young hoodlum than a man of average size would suggest.

Narration(Grant): Reminds me of someone else…long ago…

Narration(Grant): Humorless agents.

Narration(Grant): I signed all the forms in triplicate.

Narration(Grant): And that was the end of afternoon tacos on the beach. Watching the surfers go bananas over perfect waves that always seemed to roll just right when he was around.

Humorless Agent: Go north. There’s a boat waiting.

Grant: Searchlight will live?

Humorless Agent: Just get Majic out of range.

Xander(telepathy): It worked. We’re out.

Narration(Grant): Eynhallow had sure looked like hell on earth when we first hit the rocks.

Narration(Grant): Dumped on the cliffs by the Coast Guard with a single suitcase.

Narration(Grant): Eugene faced it like he does everything.

Narration(Grant): After all how different was a deserted island from the Ritz?

Grant(thought): Oh shoot! He’s still waiting for an answer!

Author Notes:

Rafe been waiting for this answer for longer than you think.

Episode Recap:

Well. Good morning good morning and Grant is driving. Marozi, all dolled up in his official uniform has got shotgun and asks where they’re going. While irritatingly shuffling around in his seat. Grant seems to know something is up with Rafe, but he’s distracted by his memories of Xander. On another early morning, a long while ago, when Grant was still doing young idiot things like wearing shorts, he picks up handcuffed Xander at a bus stop, remanded to him by two dudes in mirrored sunglasses. Xander seems to have been plotting something, but the upshot is…they’re sent to Eynhallow! Hooray! Well no, at the time, Grant was pissed. I mean, he’s still pissed, at mostly everything, but hopefully Xander has convinced him that Eynhallow isn’t all bad by now, right? Grant snaps out of his memories just long enough to remember that Marozi asked him a question. Don’t you hate it when that happens?