Chateau Grief 342

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Chateau Grief 342

Grant: Overseers meeting. How long have you been an overseer and haven’t done an audit?

Marozi: Six months.

Grant: Nothing to worry about. We’ll have a beer afterwards.

Marozi: I don’t drink.

Narration(Grant): So the diamond smuggler is too holy to drink. Hilarious.

Narration(Grant): This is turning into a long drive.

Narration(Grant): Young people these days! Anti-this prohibitionist-that!

Narration(Grant): If only some thing or person was banned, the world would turn magically into a shiny utopia of groves on a hill where people practiced love without borders or some such nonsense. Xander had gotten out of that phase pretty quickly.

Narration(Grant): In fact it happened the first time he walked through Washington DC. The shock of beholding American bureaucracy for the first time…

Narration(Grant): …and little churchgoing Xander had sat down that night,

Narration(Grant): and chugged three fifths of gin in a row. Like a pro.

Narration(Grant): Did me proud. Only later did I figure out he could only get drunk for a few seconds at a time. The poop.

Narration(Grant): James Marozi has launched into a contrived lecture on abstemiousness. Don’t remember exactly when.

Narration(Grant): He’s shaping up nothing like young Vespasian Xander. What had Eugene insisted on calling himself in this phase? Vinny?

Narration(Grant): The pretend-Italian year of the black-eyed six-foot-six telepath.

Narration(Grant): He’d been as bad as a teenage girl dyeing her hair ridiculous colors in the washroom every Friday night.

Marozi: So where exactly are you taking me?

Grant: Prison.

Author Notes:

I thought they were all already in prison.

Episode Recap:

Grant musters up a story to answer Marozi’s question from all the way at the beginning of last weeks comic, after an unbearable embarrassing pause.  They exchange pleasantries a bit, until Marozi starts lecturing Grant on the benefits of having a functional liver, which Grant does not appreciate.  Grant gets lost in his own thoughts, while speeding in careening loops through the trees, until he’s back reliving the past with Xander in muted tones, inadvertently revealing that Xander’s telepathy causes him significant mental and physical handicaps along the way.  Marozi is making the best of all these awkward swerves and weird silent pauses by giving Grant some advice, I mean, he might as well, no one is listening to him as usual.  Grant keeps reminiscing about Xander’s weird phases and wild personal insecurities.  Marozi is still trying to get a straight answer out of Grant as to where they are driving to, endlessly over hill and dale through the woods, and Grant finally gives him one.  Although perhaps not the one he’d hoped for.