Chateau Grief 343

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Chateau Grief 343

Grant: All the overseer’s audits our conducted at the prison. Didn’t you know that?

Marozi: I didn’t think Eynhallow had a prison.

Grant: Well you don’t think Xander is a homicidal maniac who kills people for the fun of it! Not every crime is a capital crime.

Marozi: You could have fooled me.

Grant: What? Did you see the execution yesterday?

Grant: I mean…I heard a rumor there was an execution. I’m too gullible in my old age. Don’t listen to me.

Marozi: I, uh…watched him turn a black guy into a white guy yesterday.

Grant: He what!

Marozi: Wonder what the guy did, to get the punishment fit the crime. I wonder what any of us did.

Grant: I volunteered to fight in Vietnam, that was my mistake. What’s yours?

Marozi: I may never march in the infantry but I’m in the Lord’s army.

Marozi: Yessir.

Narration(Grant): What is Kore hiding about this man? A patsy to offer to her cartel, buy her time, she said, while she worked on Xander. What was his crime that got him exiled here?

Narration(Grant): Everyone has a story on Eynhallow, about how they messed up, but there was no going back.

Narration(Grant): Even me.

Author Notes:

Highway hypnosis does not even begin to describe this sequence.

Episode Recap:

Marozi, slightly perturbed at the thought of being summarily thown in jail in his official uniform and not one of his ironically messaged t-shirts, is only vaguely assuaged by Grant’s transparent platitudes. Grant says not every crime on eynhallow is a capital crime and Marozi presses x to doubt in metaphysics. Grant starts worrying that the kid’s seen Xander’s most recent little public escapade with the sword and everything, but no Marozi’s only seen Xander’s refusal to implement affirmative action on Eynhallow, the hard way. Well Grant hadn’t seen that so after the car is back on the road and everything, and they’re both bewailing their fates at getting sent to Eynhallow for no definite reason, and Grant is boomering about Vietnam, and Marozi is toying with him like a cat with his paw in a fishbowl, well, after all that Grant starts to get ….suspicious. Does webtoonxs still censor that word, I wonder? Ok so we’re going to get Grant’s story on why he really got sent to Eynhallow…but next week.