Chateau Grief 344

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Chateau Grief 344

Narration(Grant): The days leading up to Xander’s banishment had been dark ones, dangerous ones.

Narration(Grant): Eugene had raged against the feds in those infuriatingly subdued tones he used when he was really, really trying to play nicely.

Narration(Grant): And one day he’d stopped pretending to be someone else.

Narration(Grant): Gone were the myriad faces, goofy accents, long hair. Disguise had helped, made it easier.

Narration(Grant): And Eugene had never wanted to believe he was the person he saw in the mirror. With those unmerciful, vicious, unshaded eyes. Fine. High time he stopped living in a fantasy.

Narration(Grant): That day I walked into Fort Hunter Liggett’s Mess Hall…there had just been one problem.

Narration(Grant): I realized he was going gray at twenty-five. It must have been happening for years, but he’d never let it show.

Narration(Grant): And it shocked me to see the young man crumble under the pressure we had put on him.

Narration(Grant): We had driven him.

Marozi: Hey you all right man?!

Grant: American war does bad things to you.

Grant: Gee, I don’t know how much trouble you’d be in if you missed your audit.

Grant: May I introduce Captain Bright, Director of our Criminal Actions Division?

Marozi: Well, boys, I’m here for my overseer’s audit, if you’ll just show me the way.

Narration(Grant): Good. So he’s not a blithering idiot after all.

Bright: We heard from a Mr. Barazza regarding this interrogation.

Bright: He wanted to speak with you. I told him you’d call back later today.

Grant: You acquired his return phone number, I expect?

Grant: Thank you, Captain Bright.

Author Notes:

poor sad sad Grant.  such a sad little life. 

Episode Recap:

Grant is reminiscing. Again. He had a bad night last night and it’s giving him dementia. So he’s walking around and sees Xander eating breakfast and it’s this moment. Grant realizes he’s the one running towards the danger rather than away from it like everyone else, but he does it anyways because he feels…guilty. Sigh. Maybe deep down he’s insatiably power hungry too. Anyways, Jesus take the Wheel! And Jesus is like ‘hey Rafe buddy, you got this?’ So Rafe is driving again and they’ve finally arrived at their destination, Eynhallow Prison and International Spaceport. Grant makes introductions all around, and the goon squad comes out to drag Marozi inside, Grant is informed by the warden that our friend Mike the Cigar is gonna make another appearance shortly. He had such a fun time last time. Guy just won’t give up on Kore. Anyways, as some of you may remember, Grant and Captain Bright have been acquainted for *decades*, and the pleasure is all his.