Chateau Grief 345

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Chateau Grief 345

Narration (Marozi): Who is this guy, Rhelan Grant? A spy for Xander? Someone from another world?

Narration (Marozi): He’s got the look of it. Willowy thin and tall with greater strength than it appears.

Grant: Coffee?

Marozi: No thanks.

Marozi: I don’t indulge.

Grant: Do you drink anything other than water?

Marozi: Water?

Grant: Because I’ve heard from the grapevine that you’re quite a cook. Cooks tend to be gourmets and all.

Marozi: A cook?

Grant: Quite the complicated recipe.

Marozi: Well I’ve been accused of cooking meth—but never diamonds before.

Grant: A cartel came snooping around. They could make live very difficult for whoever is messing with their inventory. Now, I don’t want trouble on Eynhallow any more than you do.

Marozi: No, wouldn’t want any trouble.

Grant: Very simply, I want you to do something. Get Kore Smaragdos off this island. And in exchange…

Grant:…I will keep the cartel from ventilating your head.

Author Notes:

that look you get when you hold all the cards

Episode Recap:

So Grant has thrown Marozi in a dungeon of sorts and now he’s going to go interrogate him for his ‘overseers audit’. Marozi wonders if Grant is an alien. Apparently he doesn’t know who Grant is in relation to Xander at all. Grant tries to be polite and make this easier by doing good cop, and Marozi responds by making it weird. Grant continues with his little speech, unperturbed and finally pulls out the main show which are the diamonds that Kore’s guys raked Grant over the coals for shortly before the riot. Webcomic years are the inverse of dog years, that scene basically happened two days ago in comic. So Grant’s not losing time following up on the lead from Mike and accuses Marozi of alchemy. Which, Easter egg, he totally is, if you notice the Resistance’s Secret Headquarters, you know the one with his name signed all over the door and glass and stuff, set there’s a literal palette of gold bullion that Marozi is directly responsible for creating. Anyways, he dissembles. Grant explains about the cartel while omitting the salient fact that it is Kore’s cartel, which may have a bearing on what he’s asking Marozi to do, ya think? Marozi remains sarcastically agreeable, and Grant ploughs ahead. Like he does.