Chateau Grief 354

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Chateau Grief 354

Xander: I know that’s not the right thing to say ‘take me with you’, but you’ll know I’m thinking it anyways.

Xander: What a wish! Take me away from here and never let me go!

Xander: I don’t even know you and I’m ready to fling my life at your feet.

Xander: There are chains pulling me away from this life. I’d do anything to escape it.

Kore: Don’t pour your heart out to me Ves, it won’t change anything, your fate or mine.

Xander: Don’t push me away. Not yet.

Kore: The men who kidnapped me, some of them died when I was rescued, but many of them got away… afterwards I paid a bounty for their capture and executed them one by one. On days I couldn’t walk a straight line I could still hit my target twice before he fell.

Kore: After my father refuse to pay the ransom, they left me to hang for dead, later when it was clear I wasn’t going to die…they took a knife and cut out everything good about me…but I lived and I came home.

Kore: After I’d been rescued and taken to Damascus, all I could do was ask to see my father…a man whose refusal to pay a paltry ransom forever changed me…

Kore: …I forgave him.

Kore: I am the smaragdine tablet…etched with the blood eagle, calling endlessly to the sea, Andromeda chained to the rock.

Kore: Don’t take the bait, Ves.

Xander: May I stay with you today?

Kore: You may.

Author Notes:

What could go wrong?,