Chateau Grief 355

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Chateau Grief 355

Xander: The honorable Diaboloniana P. Beelzebubba, palms read and futures told, advice.

Xander: That’s good, I need advice.

Kore: Do you want to claw your way through the wood? I thought you had claws!

Xander: Just make her get up and answer. Goodness, just unlock the door! She’ll thank you later! Why do I suddenly need claws?

Kore (thought): No idea when he’s being teased. Like he’d never experienced it before, which is logical.

Kore (thought): Who would dare? Rhelan Grant? Some reptile politician only interested in Xander remaining relatively cooperative with the US Government?

Xander: My father dared, but that was a long time ago.

Xander: We’ve got too regroup. Eynhallow will be expecting some kind of statement from the Prime Minister about the riot.

Di: Whose side are you on!

Di: I’ll really be lynched if people see both of you standing there banging on my door.

Xander: No one recognizes me. I walked around all day yesterday and no one breathed a word.

Di: And don’t you dare judge me for eating dessert in the morning. I haven’t felt right since that state dinner trick you played on me.

Author Notes:

Give Xander a spoon.,