Chateau Grief 378

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Chateau Grief 378

Xander: You have the darkest mind on the island. That was the goal, right? That if I got out of control…

Xander: …that you would simply remember your life piece by piece and the sensations would incapacitate me enough…

Xander: for someone to put a bullet in my head, again and again, until you could figure out some way to stop me.

Grant: Now Eugene that’s not what I agreed to. Maybe some of the brass wanted it that way, but I never said I’d go along with a plan like that.

Xander: It wouldn’t have worked anyways. I get nothing like this off Kore.

Xander: In fact, she’s a downright victory-driven optimist with an endless supply of contingency plans. Torture didn’t damage her soul at all.

Grant: Maybe she’s a psychopath like you, ever think of that?

Xander: It was a year before she got out of that box, that grave where they’d buried and forgotten her. Do you know what she did? She sang. Lived on sound alone?

Xander: I haven’t seen the like since we left the mainland and all the macaque experiments behind. Since you and the brass figured out a way into me.

Xander: We both had the drugs and the mind games. But she had isolation and disfigurement that I could bat away like a mosquito. But her blood is old stock and strong, healed right up without a shadow in the mirror to show for it. It called the northerners out of the ice.

Xander: Her grandfather…all-father…came for her personally. He’s moving through the world again, now, in the forests outside Tirgoviste. With others.

Xander: Shiver and shake. Shiva and Shakti. Us, the old weapons. Thunderbolts. I don’t know why I tell you when you can never understand.

Xander: All this to rekindle an ancient war among the stars. Things that no human cared about or ever will.

Xander: And you, you now what your role in this has been.

Grant: I’m not going to sit here and pretend the feeling wasn’t mutual.

Xander: I think I had the worst of it actually,

Xander: because I can’t forget you the way Kore’s forgotten her torturers.

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