Chateau Grief 379

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Chateau Grief 379

Grant: You asked for it, Eugene.

Xander: Did I? Did I really?

Xander: Kore’s got no thought of the future at least. In the hands of God, that’s what she’d tell me if she wasn’t such a liar about her beliefs.

Xander: For what’s happened, it’s a surprising amount of resilience, especially considering how I disintegrated under far less pressure. Twisting rings at night and dripping.

Grant: Why do you have to unload your guilty knowledge on me? I’m not a telepath! I don’t have to know these things!

Xander: She thought I’d been messing with her nerves. Shane touched her today and she remembered that she was conditioned to feel pain at human touch.

Xander: It bothered her that she never felt pain when she touched me. She demanded I changed it. Make her hurt just as much as everyone else. Why do you think she’d do that?

Grant: No one cares!

Xander: She wants me.

Grant: Excuse me while I vomit.

Xander: Oh please, Rhelan, you’re worse than this when you’re in love.

Xander: Or whatever you called those females after Lulu. You know I experience everyone vicariously, just please let’s not be so awkward about it, shall we? I never blushed at you the next morning, after spending countless nights on the other side of a paper-thin motel wal.

Grant: Jumping Jehoshaphat! I wish you wouldn’t remind me! So you’re in love, is that it?

Xander: No. She is, though. And I know it. So I’ve won.

Xander: She’s lost already.

Grant: I don’t think it’s that simple Eugene.

Xander: Well, you wouldn’t. But it is.

Author Notes:

This was terrible and my site doesn’t support unicode that hard,