Chateau Grief 380

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Chateau Grief 380

Grant(Narration): It will do not good to push Eugene further. His first handler pushed him to the edge once, in Costa Rica on a warm muggy evening in June 1968.

Grant(Narration): He was supposed to be organizing a raid on a shipment of cocaine.

Grant(Narration): Coordinating activities between agents, whispering to their earpieces when it was safe to move in, telling them how many more gunmen were in the building.

Grant(Narration): Light-fingered stuff. He didn’t like to show how far he could go in those days.

Grant(Narration): He’d slipped up and saved an agent’s life…unexpectedly. Agents died in that raid, soldier. And you could have stopped it.

Grant(Narration): the interrogation had lasted for hours. Why had the raid gone wrong? What are you going to do to fix it?

Grant(Narration): At midnight, he’d put a gun to twenty-year-old Xander’s head and pulled the trigger.

Grant(Narration): The notation the psychologist had made: ‘Psychic test subject seemed emotionally overwrought…’

Grant(Narration): The next morning, it was all over the papers. And the guy realized…he’d never know the truth.

Grant(Narration): Another g-man was sent to the front lines. Fix bayonets. Going over the top.

Xander: Do you realize this is the first time someone has ever cared for me knowing what I’m capable of? What I live like? Who I am?

Grant: She doesn’t know you like I do.

Xander: No. She doesn’t.

Author Notes:

So don't tell her or anything,