Chateau Grief 381

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Chateau Grief 381

Grant: Stop it, Kore.

Grant: I talked to him.

Grant: He’s irritating…delusional…but not beyond reasoning with. I don’t think ye’ll stop you now.

Grant: How was Shane?

Kore: Do you know what Shane did two nights ago?

Grant: Guido and I buried the bodies. What does that have to do with anything. Eugene said he was better.

Kore: I don’t think I could fight Shane for another night. I don’t know how I kept the palace from collapsing on us all.

Kore: Ves can fight him. Ves is stronger than I am. I make Ves stronger. I can’t begin to understand how much.

Kore: Curiously convenient, isn’t it?

Grant: I wish you wouldn’t call him that. It’s what he wants.

Grant: By jumped-up Harry, that name should only be spoken with solemn dread.

Grant: You can invoke him like a demon if you’re not careful.

Grant: He’ll listen to your prayers and then come and dragoon you into living by your vows.

Author Notes:

The week after New Years must be brutal.,