Chateau Grief 382

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Chateau Grief 382

Grant: Ugh!

Grant: He doesn’t know what he wants. He never has. Don’t let it bother you.

Grant: Some kind of apology from the world, from God. It has nothing to do with you.

Grant: What are you going to do?

Kore: Leave with Shane when the time is right.

Kore: Nothing has changed. I am not trapped. There will be no further developments that somehow keep me here longer. Everything will go quietly.

Kore: He’s pulled me in the directions he wants, lied to me, and then the world spins around me and I realize he’s made his lies true.

Grant: You’re a lovely, frightening creature, Kore. And he’s my friend. And I know him. He’s got nothing in store for you but complete desolation and humiliation.

Kore: Barazza’s identity check. He thought you were one of us.

Grant: There was a time once when Eugene wanted to bet a freak. Rage against humanity as if by anger alone he could raise us up from the mud and breathe life into our nostrils.

Grant: Mr. Shane isn’t in that photograph.

Kore: Why should he be?

Grant: No reason.

Kore: When this was taken, four people sat for it who were not captured by the film.

Author Notes:

Grant failed the test then I guess.,