Chateau Grief 389

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Chateau Grief 389

Marozi: There’s a lot to explain.

Kore: I did this right. He broke it off. Not me. He’s free and I’m going to leave this island.

Marozi: Eynhallow has a local celebrity, did you know that? Has got to have written a hundred novels over the last few years.

Marozi: There’s always some man, thinly-veiled Xander, you know? A complete rake hell who’s stuffed with charm and brains. But has somehow managed to fall out of society’s good graces.

Marozi: And he always falls for a spunky young girl who makes him realize that not all people are wicked like those who mistreated him in the past.

Marozi: And he loves her for it and might strangle anyone who suggested she was insipid or artless. She, in turn, is willing to overlook his many crimes, committed in the depths of melancholy…the writer is quite certain the story ends with a kiss, a true kiss. And after this the lovers find happiness quite uninteresting in comparison, so the story ends.

Marozi: The books are bestsellers, all of them, on this island where we’re all supposed to hate him. The fact that you got out alive is good enough for me.

Kore: So he thought it would end with a kiss, did he? Instead it just ended.

Marozi: Do you have any idea what an honor this is? You don’t even know what we are! You’ve never even seen me!

Marozi: It’s almost unheard of! Do you realize how many thousand years have passed since the last time someone was caught up and carried away?

Marozi: One of your kind too…dragons of the earth, sunken down, bound for the dark and cold. Now you’ve been given wings to fly.

Kore: Rafe, come with me and Shane. I can’t control him, and you…I think you can. If Shane or I…you’d stop us, wouldn’t you? You promised.

Author Notes:

like a cat with cream on his whiskers, isn't he?