Chateau Grief 452

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Chateau Grief 452

Xander: But there is a second beast. No one pays attention to it.

Xander: The beast from the land, with the voice of a dragon.

Xander: Aren’t you afraid?

Kore: What? You want me to give something up to prove myself to you?

Xander: Yes. Once you leave here, if we…

Xander: …cannot come to any agreement… you will regard this… incident… as you say…’your last chance’

Xander: But that won’t mean anything to you. You’ll have forfeited…something… but what will its value be to you?

Xander: You’ll go about your life, you’ll pursue your career…

Xander: I doubt you’d shed a tear over me. Or lose sleep. In a while, you’d quite possibly forget me entirely.

Author Notes:

I don't think this is going so well.  ,