Chateau Grief 453

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Chateau Grief 453

Kore: What exactly do you want from me? Hysterics?

Xander: I want you to ask me to stay. You will, because I suggested it tonight.

Xander: You’ll do it as a last attempt to get what you want.

Xander: When you ask me, I will tell you no. Then you can leave.

Xander: I want you to need me to stay.

Kore: so you’re willing to sacrifice your own desires, happiness, anything to have me humbled beneath your feet and then you will turn me away. Classic.

Kore: I’m liking you less by the minute. Good planning. It’ll get me disentangled from this island faster than if you’d behaved decently.

Author Notes:

Talk it out kids, talk it out.