Chateau Grief 54

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Chateau Grief 54

Kore: Is the child alive?

Grant: Yes. Good as new. I took him to the Evil Overlord. Eugene can play a good doctor when he can be bothered.

Kore: Will it do any good to pretend that I don't know who you're talking about?

Kore: Besides, I thought his name was Vespasian. So much better for an Evil Overlord.

Grant: He'll always be Eugene to me.

Grant: Tanning is an awful business. I wish your first introduction to Eynhallow could have been in the spring planting crops.

Insurance Agent: Given the angle of the tree's trajectory...I think my client will settle for a billion credits..and free mochas for a year.

Qureshi: That is outrageous! The contractors were clearly not wearing their regulation safety goggles, and this is the sole cause of this unfortunate problem of yours. I see so it's settled.

Insurance Agent: What! No!

Kore: Trust me, he's made his point.

Kore: What is telepathy?

Grant: How's the head today? You're gonna need it.

Kore: Are people going to be safe around me later? What if some freak tornado hits while we're doing your awful job?

Grant: Let's just say it would be easier...if you stopped feeling suspicious...and started enjoying the lovely climate and scenery.

Grant: Give me my wallet back, will you?

Kore: You're a pauper. That smuggler wouldn't even consider cash in trade for my escape.

Grant: So I'll ask for a raise.

Author Notes:

As life descends ever deeper into chaos, it's a personal victory to get these out on time.