Chateau Grief 55

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Chateau Grief 55

Kore: And here I thought you were just a swinger trying to hide your wedding ring from...your marks.

Thought(Kore): Damn. Think fast.

Thought(Kore): Damn it all to hell. This wasn't here before.

Kore: Dare I ask where you got such a large piece of glass?

Grant: Don't joke around. It doesn't make it any easier.

Kore: Then let me get this straight.

Kore: I turn up on this island with shaky memories of the last three weeks. And a surgical wound on my head. Where everyone gibbers of a telepath. I can't even walk down the street without causing a blizzard.

Kore: Then I receive a phenomenally expensive wedding ring? And you tell me not to joke around?

Kore: Do you have any idea what kind of person I could be? Go tell him that, your friend.

Venereal disease...serial killer...pedophile...

Kore: He's confident in his turn me into the same kind of creature...

Kore: I tell you. That is a dumb move.

Kore: He's given me power to destroy...his heart...and he has no idea who I am.

Kore: You can see where this is going. I'll offer him one deal. Let me go and I'll agree to forget this.

Kore: You're going to argue it for me because you know I'm right.

Grant: I won't ask how you know I'm not the Evil Overlord myself.

Kore: Yeah. Well if you were, we might be on track for a sweeter deal.

Author Notes:

Life marches on. My personal disasters are settling into a more regular pattern, so that's good.  I know I'm supposed to say something about this, but all I can think of is....gee I wish someone could help point out for me what's wrong with the lighting scheme on this... something doesn't sit right and I can't put my finger on it.  Let me know if you've got any ideas.  - update: fixed.  whole lot better don't you think?