Chateau Grief 67

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Chateau Grief 67

Di: It's a completely dysfunctional economic system. So I want to propose an immediate, radical...devaluation of the currency.

Di: Precipitated by some sort of natural disaster. Which I had hoped you could I'm sure you can.

Di: In the wake of the general panic...I'll make a grand speech about pulling together for survival. And this will give us cover to bring online a credit system...more in line with black market prices.. I've tasked Ms. Souliere with compiling a list of the going rate for common goods.

Di: Then you will withhold basic necessities from the people until they begin to form survival startups. It shouldn't take long...a week or so of starvation.

Di: After they've organized themselves we'll give them a medium of exchange. Then the whole scheme falls slowly into place.

Di: The workers will do the same jobs, self police, equitably distribute the fruits of their labor, eradicate the shadow transactions,

Di: ...and I dare say be a bit happier...doing it on their own motivation rather than...getting dragged out in shackles by your overseers every morning.

Xander: Please. Where's the fun in that? There's no difference after your false flag. You'd trick their minds, that's all.

Di: You of all people, should realize that we often take great comfort, believing a benevolent lie.

Di: ...benevolent lie ...benevolent lie ...benevolent lie

Author Notes:

oh gee, i've never been asked to run a false flag before by people who don't understand that i can accomplish whatever social goal it is by brute force with a single thought.  that's the overlord part.  up next week, the evil part.