Chateau Grief 68

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Chateau Grief 68

Narration: ...Benevolent lie.

Xander: How long have you been on Eynhallow?

Di: Three months. I was disbarred for operating an unethical legal practice. My marriage fell apart. I decided the best way to cope was to embrace the darkness. I founded the Satanist movement based on the principle that --

Xander: Never mind. What exactly have you been told about me?

Xander: I'm supposed to impress you with due reverence...but you're not keen on I'll give it to you straight.

Xander: You are here for one reason only. The people can't stand me.

Xander: Look at you. You're worse than half of them. I get your hackles up by breathing. Make your hair stand on end. You hide it very well but it doesn't matter. I still know.

Xander: I need someone to deliver messages to parliament. I need someone to carry them back.

Xander: I expect you to shoulder full blame for everything that goes wrong. And if you ever gossip about me, I'll know, and force your resignation.

Xander: And then I'll send you on a one-way trip to Jupiter.

Xander: Your request to modify the work groups and credit system, is summarily rejected. Try again.

Author Notes:

and get me a cappuccino will you?  the peons have conniption fits whenever I walk into the break room. ,