Chateau Grief 69

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Chateau Grief 69

Xander: Melissa?

Xander: Glad to have someone with a brain at the helm. Use it more, will you?

Xander: I liked your plan! Really wish I could be more encouraging!

Xander: You have no idea how much.

Grant: Housing for Kore. We could fix up those old buildings down by the docks.

Xander: Nope. Absolute firetraps. No one should be allowed near those.

Grant: Alright. I give in. I see what you do, Eugene. I'm not blind.

Grant: Spare bedroom at the palace it is. I'll create a fictitious welfare program to house transient inmates. I'll give the paperwork to your new lady PM.

Grant: It'll be perfectly obvious to Kore what's going on. You don't earn respect by flaunting it, Eugene.

Xander: Signed. I can't control when she comes looking for me. But I think it'll be sooner rather than later.

Grant: Can't you see what this will do? What people will think? Why this girl? Why now?

Xander: I know far better than you...what people will think.

Author Notes: what do they call that thing, synchronicity?... End of this great set piece for now, I'm busy building greater and better palace sets for the future, believe you me.  Meanwhile, I wonder what the delusional revolutionaries have been plotting?