Chateau Grief 75

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Chateau Grief 75

Patricia: I'm not going to hit you on the head!

Marozi: Of course you can't. Know why? I telepathically erected a force field around myself. You know you'd never get through.

Patricia: Uh, no, actually.

Marozi: 'cause I just lowered it. Go on, hit me on the head.

Patricia: You're being silly!

Marozi: See, I just invaded your mind and disconnected your arm. How do you know it's not true?

Patricia: Because...I can move my arm? Sorry, Kore, excuse me.

Marozi: So hit me! Hit me very hard! Give it a good swing!

Marozi: Make it really crack! Leave me bleeding on the floor, that sort of thing.

Patrici: This is pointless! What can you do for Gregory? Build his character give him discipline! I don't have time for mumbo jumbo!

Kore: Xander frames existence according to his own terms. Get on with it.

Qureshi: You have no idea what that means! Whatever he says, goes. Truth be hanged! He's a dangerous, evil man! And it's not just a matter of going on with our lives and ignoring him. He can change the past. He can change the future!

Kore: How could you possibly know that?

Lyrken: Well I met him. And I like him.

Lyrken: You people have him all wrong. He's got a gift.

Thought(Kore): How do you do it, Xander?

Lyrken: Come on, honey. I won't sit here and listen to character assassination. Gossip is a sin!

Kore: Wait!

Kore: Please...tell me how you met him.

Author Notes:

...and she's snagged.  fished.  boom.  I love these little manoeuvres that the characters make to advance their goals.  I think they're a fitting prelude to the shooting war... Because Obi-Wan is dead wrong(and dead dead): in fiction there are no alternatives to fighting.  Especially if someone has superpowers.  That would just be wrong.,