Chateau Grief 230

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Chateau Grief 230

Kore: I'm not interested in playing mouse for a bored cat.

Xander: It's true. I the novelty of the unknown. It's a blessed relief...

Xander: ...from this monotony

Xander: ....eternity that's only just begun...and I know will go on far longer than I can imagine...

Xander: You know more of what I'm talking about than even I do.

Xander: If it's just age or a midlife crisis, I'll return to normal eventually

Xander: There is a great sense of doom pressing in on me now...suddenly...when it wasn't just last year.

Xander: Do you know what it's like to answer for a wasted life...when I've had the power to transform...the world into a paradise.

Xander: You do, don't you.

Kore: Answer for a wasted life? I thought you were an atheist.

Xander: Incredibly unhelpful of you to point that out. Death as a fade from existence into decaying carbon day of judgment...

Xander:...not like my dreams...of great...impossibly smooth caverns...between the worlds...ringed with...vicious....archangels...old angels...

Xander: ...just watching...

Author Notes:

I think Xander is having a bad day.

characters: Kore, Xander

recap: Xander admits to using Kore as entertainment/bait while expressing uncommonly self-reflective regret for his irresponsible actions. The irony is lost on him. And he’s got no idea what Marozi’s doing other than freaking him out with dreams. There’s sigils. & then that end vision in here that literally no one is going to get, whether that’s something Marozi has shown him, whether that comes from Kore, or if that’s Xander’s own opinion I don’t know.