Chateau Grief 231

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Chateau Grief 231

Narration(Xander): Her mind plunges deep into my haunted dream.

Xander: You've seen them too. I should feel surprise but I don't. It's all there in your mind and more...

Xander: You've seen this comet. Racing toward me with incredible speed...although it is...

Xander: ...far away.

Xander: That's not literal, right? I can see the answer to everything in your mind,

Xander...but I can't understand it!

Kore: When it hits you then you'll understand.

Xander: what nonsense! Worlds within worlds and between them!

Xander: Vast ancient creatures. Haunting us both. And a lightning comet doom, destiny?

Xander: You'll see I'm right. It's better to come to me now, save all the hassle of a struggle and bad feelings. This isn't just going to hit for me, it's going to get you too.

Kore: Oh Ves...

Kore: It already hit me.

Kore: As a wretched, hopeless eighteen year old punk-- surrounded by so much pain I thought I'd die from that alone--

Kore: When I had just learned that my family had abandoned me to my tormentors -- that I'd never escape back to my life of comfort and--privilege

Kore: When I hated everyone and everything, and -- my suffering hadn't even really started yet--

Kore: That's when I got hit by a rock from outer space I never saw coming. You'll understand it when it happens.

Author Notes:

Xander, you are so going to hell.

characters: Kore, Xander

Episode Recap:

Gee this is the week I start to do recaps? ok, what was going on here? Well, Xander’s been having psychedelic psychic visions, which, it turns out make sense to Kore, but not to him. He’s terrified of what these visions portend, and when Xander gets terrified, all the sudden you have some spectacular spectacular Leonids (this literally happened in 1833) to contend with. He’s sort of like a truck fishtailing along, when those wheels lose contact, all hell breaks loose, but Kore takes his hands, and actually comforts this freaky deek, and he finds solid ground again. About ten years ago, Kore tells him, she was in a really bad situation, and suffered the fate that Xander is staring down the barrel of. Halfway through her speech, Xander realizes something rather glaringly important: he did nothing about this at the time. (should I tell you that? it’s kind of obvious that if he’s all powerful he should have, like, been there, or saved her or something, but he didn’t) As a result of this revelation, the ground feels like it’s opening up beneath him, and Xander is definitely totally going to hell. Hades (actually that would be Tartarus with the flames and junk), Comets, Meteors, got enough mythic astronomy in here this week? there, I didn’t spoiler anything too important did I? Much more symbolism in this episode.